Wholesale Jersey Cleaner

Welcome to our website and thanks for stopping by here. We appreciate your time and interest in reading about us and our services. We are the Wholesale Jersey Cleaning and laundry services provider in Russell, Kentucky and are happy to introduce ourselves as a professional laundry and jersey cleaners in the area.

Wholesale Jersey Cleaning was founded in 2009 with the main goal to save your time and give you the quality services at your doorstep. We stick to our goal since then and have served 20,000 clients by providing them quality laundry services. At Wholesale Jersey Cleaning, we consider your clothing and jerseys as valuable objects and take care of it to avoid any damage, color fade and worn. We return the clean washed clothes as bright as new. This is what our regular clients love about us and like to use our services on regular basis.

To maintain the quality of services and timely delivery of your clothing and jersey, we have hired highly skilled personnel who have years of experience washing all kind of fabrics and know how to preserve quality of fabric while using detergents. These trained personnel are equipped with state-of-the-art washing machinery which automates the process of washing to deliver the standard cleaning. We pay special attention to every piece of cloth in the whole process of cleaning. The detergents we used are environment friendly as well as the fabric-friendly leaving no harmful chemicals or irritant on the clothes. The essence of flowers in our detergents leaves a pleasant aroma on clothing which you love.