The Miracle Of Sydney Property Valuation

say for example Spain did not have we also have a much better regulatory system and if you look at the fundamentals in terms of how much you have to pay to buy into the housing market given current interest rates it doesn’t look wildly out of kilter with past so long as interest rates don’t go up and that’s the big if but last month’s The Economist magazine also calculated that Australia’s.

Housing market was overvalued by forty percent the COED has warned of a sharp correction over the past year Sydney house prices gained more than fourteen percent Melbourne just over eight last year Treasury secretary John Fraser was warning of bubble in parts of Sydney and Melbourne certainly I think because in the higher-priced areas of Melbourne it’s bubble it’s a glut as well it’s in Melbourne.

you can see the bubble before your eyes in the explosion of high-rise apartments fueled by investment that buyers advocate Katherine cash more says are largely empty I’ve walked through Romany buildings where there have been large number of Property Valuations Sydney empty apartments bandit’s clear that that people are buying them and they’re not interested indenting them out and it does counterproductive but the rent the yield sin Melbourne are so lo wit’s really only when you get up to this kind of height that you get a sense of just how incredible the scale.